Friday, 23 October 2015

OUGD504 Wrap Around Packaging Design (Studio Brief Two)

I decided to create a wrap around cover for Lokables as the tupperware boxes would need packaging to explain the product and the brand as a whole. I started by using very bright colours and trying to incorporate all of the Lokables colours into the design, however personally I wasn't too pleased with any of the designs that I came up with as they were all a bit too bold and colourful for my liking.

I asked the graphics class for their opinions, and the main packaging design that people seemed to like was number 3 and number 4. I think this is because they're the more simple designs, and therefore fit well with the brands aesthetic and are also more aesthetically pleasing.

I had a new idea in which I could try to incorporate the logo design to make it more obvious to the eye. This idea was to use the logo design as a full curved rectangle with the bitemark missing, however the bitemark missing would be a tear-off code, with which you could purchase your next Lokable online for a cheaper price. I thought this idea would be most effective, as their Kickstarter doesn't give away free Lokables, however it gives money off - so therefore it is relevant for the company, as they wouldn't want to be giving away free products as a start up.

I looked into how this could be mass produced before producing the design, as there isn't much point in me over complicating the design if it couldn't be mass produced packaging, as the company will want it to be cost effective and achievable. Apparently, there's a machine called ROL 70 Top Scoring Machine, which will make the score makes in the card in order for the tab to be ripped off. I couldn't find a price or rough estimation anywhere of how much it would cost to be mass produced, but having looked around supermarkets, I know that it must be affordable as lots of companies use the same method, such as cereal boxes and laundry detergent boxes.

This is the design that I came up with. I think it's effective because it's minimal, however it fits well with the aesthetic of the brand. I also turned the little rip off discount code green, as I thought it would stand out more and bring the packaging to life a little bit. 

Group Crit Feedback:

- I like the use of negative space; it's appealing to people that appreciate good design, which applies to the product. 
- I like the idea of the rip-off tag. It makes it interactive and memorable.

I'm really happy with this packaging design and I have decided to create a business card to go along with the packaging, as it could be put inside the Lokables container and therefore be a little bit more promotion. It could maybe be a discount code for a friend or something similar. 

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