Tuesday, 13 October 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice Briefing (Studio Brief One)

The brief set for responsive is pretty simple; as individuals, we have to respond to competition briefs that we find that are related to graphic design. Using the list of websites below, identify and respond to a range of competition briefs that reflect your emerging creative interests and professional ambitions within Graphic Design. You will need to select one main brief that will become the focal point of the taught sessions and studio workshops for the duration of the first part of the module.

In addition to this, you will need to select a number of smaller/quicker briefs that will allow you to demonstrate your ability to develop effective responses within professionally realistic deadlines.

When selecting which briefs you would like to respond to, you will need to consider:
- How to balance what you want to design with what the brief requires
- Do the briefs offer enough breadth and scope for the development of a range of responses whilst at the same time allowing you to focus your practice?
- What are the realistic timescales for completing the brief? Are you working to these?
Have you clearly identified what the problem is before you start?
Where is the challenge n the brief and what will you get out of doing it?
What do you need to present and how will you present it?

Studio workshops will help with the understanding of how to approach these questions to develop appropriate responses to selected briefs.

Graphic Competitions
Design Contests
99 Designs
Student Design Awards
Loop De Loop
D&AD New Blood
Animation Festival
Contest Watchers

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