Sunday, 7 December 2014

OUGD405 Design Process, Research (Studio Brief Two)

For this project, we have to concept of "100" and we have to produce a body of work that investigates this concept by collecting, recording, documenting and categorising. The final product of this research should be a two minute presentation in any form you want, whether it be a video, performance, song etc.

I need to identify a specific content in relation to my theme, that will become my focus of the brief. I must collect 20 facts, 20 opinions, 20 words, 20 statistics and 20 photographs.

Thursday, 4 December 2014

OUGD405 Final Images (Studio Brief One)

These are the final images that I have created to be used as backing paper, based on the dreams. I think my images are really effective as they look exactly how I had hoped, and aim to tell a very short story within the frames.

To complete these frames, I am now going to add the sizes of the frames and some information about the frame. Below are my final images. I am actually really proud of these as I think they really work as a short series of images, and I love the fact that they tell a story, even if the story is pretty basic. 

To make them feel like complete backing paper, I am now going to edit them into some frames so I can get an idea of what they would look like. I think they're really successful and look well suited in the frame. I imagined them in a black frame, however, so I am going to try find one online.

I found this frame online, and I think I think it is a lot more successful as the colours of the frame really work with the darkness of the images and doesn't distract the eye. I also think it's successful as it's easier to follow the sequence of the images and you can tell that they are a set as they all have the same colour scheme and concept. 

OUGD405 Development, Photoshop

To begin my backing paper, I had to decide which images I would like to use. I decided I would use the three below, as I thought they were very focused images, and as a series they definitely tell a story.

To begin the process, i knew I had to get rid of certain things that i couldn't physically move out of my shot, for example the light and the plug sockets. I am going to show every layer that I edited using a video, however only show the video of the final image, as this was the most complex image to edit as there was an awful lot of layers. 

OUGD405 Research, Beyond God and the Devil (Studio Brief One)

I was looking through the new issue of Vice magazine in my spare time and I came across a short story written by Barry Gifford. The story caught my eye as the illustrations for it are absolutely beautiful, almost real life looking paintings. This particular painting caught my eye as the colours used were absolutely beautiful. I found the image online, however, and it turned out that the colours used were actually only visible in the magazine. This is the image i found online, contrasted with a photo of the magazine page that I took.

I found the colours really inspiring, and I have decided that I want to edit my photos for my backing paper with the same kind of colour scheme, and really try to enhance the purples, pinks and oranges. 

Monday, 1 December 2014

OUGD405 Development (Studio Brief One)

I decided that instead of taking photos around Leeds, I would create fine art photographs based on dreams. To do this, I set up a camera in my room and made my friend Hayley pose for photographs, positioned by myself. These are some of the original shots. I think the shoot really worked well and I got the shots that I wanted.

I then began the editing process. I really wanted my photographs to tell a story. I want my frame to be three that are attached, so they can tell a very slight story. I decided it would be good to keep my idea quite simple, hence the photographs of my friend lying on the chair - the plan is to photoshop out the chair and to show her dream in the final image.