Wednesday, 14 October 2015

OUGD504 Refined Ideas (Studio Brief Two)

I have now decided to start creating some mock ups on Illustrator. I wanted to show that the box locks, so I decided to try show the connection by joining each letterform together. I don't think this is very successful as the typeface has become less easy to read and not legible.

I then used the typeface Futura and played around with the leading. I then added a little lock to the L. I don't think this is successful as it's too obvious a response and looks a bit out of place.

I then added the typeface Futura to an outstretched curved rectangle. I think this looks quite effective, however it's very similar to the original logo (but improved in my opinion).

I'm now going to take forward the idea I like the most, which is the idea of using the shape of the Lokables box with a bite taken out of it in an icon design. I started by using a curved edge box on Illustrator and taking the bite out of it. I think this was successful, however the line thickness was too much, so I decided to lower that.

I think this looked a lot more successful. I also changed the shape of the bite marks to make it look more realistic and I definitely think it looks a lot better.

I then decided to add the type underneath the logo icon. I chose to use the typeface Futura as it is very geometric and I believe it fits with my icon design really nicely.

I was quite happy with this logo design, however I don't think the tupperware box looks too much like the Lokables box which is my whole concept, so I decided to play around with the shape of the box some more by using stretched semicircles. This is the new shape of the box that I am going to add the bite mark to. I think this looks a lot more successful and relevant to the brand.

I think this is a very successful design as it's slick and minimal, which fits with the brand Lokables' style and website design. This is my final design and I am going to get some feedback in the group critique.

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