Tuesday, 6 October 2015

OUGD504 Logostarter Briefing (Studio Brief Two)

For this brief, we have been asked to look online at the website Kickstarter, which is a website for crowd funding projects, products and businesses. Our assignment for this week is to produce a logo design for a kickstarter fundraiser of our choice. I will also have to consider and plan various branding strategies for my chosen project showing how my logo will enforce this brand.

My logo should be aimed at the specific market and/or social context to which it belongs, for example; music, genre etc.

Once I have developed and designed an effective logo, I will demonstrate how this will appear on at least 2 deliverable elements (for example; poster, packaging, CD, advert, website, etc)

It is recommended but not essential that you contact the owners of your chosen Kickstarter campaign for advice/feedback on your design. Experience gained in communicating with potential clients can be discussed on your PPP blog.

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