Sunday, 4 October 2015

OUGD504 Interim Crit (Studio Brief One)

I'm not 100% sure which fold to use for my leaflet, so in my interim crit I am going to show my fold to people and see if they think it will be successful or not. I have also designed the layout of the leaflet that I think will be most successful so that when I find out what peoples opinions are, if I am correct I can crack straight on with designing and writing my context.

In the group critique, people said that they thought the fold I have created was the most successful design. I asked if they thought the size was okay, and people mostly said that I should make it smaller as they think I won't have enough content to put into it. They also said it would look more effective smaller as it will be easier to handle.

I also asked if the stock thickness is okay and they said they think this is the perfect thickness and if it was any thinner it would be flimsy and they thought it would rip. 

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