Sunday, 4 October 2015

OUGD504 Development & Final Crit (Studio Brief One)

As I knew at this point that I wanted my poster design to be minimal and straight to the point, I started by creating a very slick, typeset and left-aligned leaflet. I used the bright colour orange as the theory behind the colour orange is that it is optimistic and communication - therefore it is relevant to design communication.

I thought that this design was very simple and modern - just what I wanted for my leaflet, however I thought that it needed something else to help the reading process flow and be moved along. I added a paintbrush stroke to the leaflet to do this. I thought this was relevant as a message I have portrayed through-out my leaflet is that you shouldn't go straight onto the computer to design, you should do it by hand and experiment first. 

I then printed this out on A3 paper (a smaller scale than originally planned) as I didn't have time to print it out on A2 paper before the critique. This is what the leaflet looks like once it has been folded and glued.

In the group critique, people said that they liked the scale of the leaflet as it is pocket sized and that I should maybe even play with the title to match - for example 'My little pocket book of design' or something similar. They also suggested that I just use one line of paint, however I thought it was useful using two as it shows that the path to follow isn't to be stuck to too closely as each part overlaps and should be done multiple times. They also said that they like the colours that I have used as they're warm colours and eye-catching. John said that he liked the fold as it was interactive and fun to play with.

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