Sunday, 4 October 2015

OUGD504 Folding Techniques Research (Studio Brief One)

Before experimenting with different folds, I thought it would be a good idea to research into different leaflet designs that already exist. I also thought this would be helpful as I thought that they might give some instructions on how to create certain folds. I found this guide below with lots of different leaflet folds. I found this useful, however I thought (from as far as I could see) that the folds were incredibly simplistic - which isn't exactly a bad thing, however I want my leaflet to be quite interactive so I don't think that these outlines will help too much.

I found this leaflet design on Pinterest and I think it is incredibly successful. It is complicated and interactive, however I think it is too complex for a successful leaflet and I can't find any instructions online explaining how to create it. This design, however, has made me think about stock colour choice, as the two colours used compliment each other very successfully and I would like my own leaflets colours to do the same.

I then found this leaflet design below. I think this leaflet design would be really nice to use and it would also mean that I could create a poster design, so that the leaflet could double up as a poster as well. I think the stock choice is also really nice, however I think if the stock was too thin it would be a really flimsy leaflet, however if it was too thick it would constantly pop open, so this would need be considered.

I think this leaflet design is really successful as it is self contained. I think, however, I wouldn't have enough content to put into the leaflet, as I want my leaflet to be quite minimal and not boring to read.

I think this concertina leaflet is really interesting to look at as there are multiple layers that have been paper cut to perfection. This leaflet design wouldn't be too successful to mass produce, however on a smaller scale I think it's really nice and interactive.  

I found this leaflet design on designinspiration, and I think it is incredibly successful. I think the colour scheme works really well and the actual cutting of the stock is really slick and interesting. I'm not sure of the relevance that the cut paper could have to my project just yet, however this fold is definitely an option as it is not too simple, but it still looks slick.

Finally, I found this leaflet design on Pinterest. I think the ripped paper gives the leaflet a really effective look as it is relevant to the concept - that mistakes should be made within design. I think this leaflet design could definitely be relevant to my own leaflet design, as I think a key message I want to portray within my leaflet is that you shouldn't just jump straight onto the computer, you should experiment by hand first. 

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