Thursday, 22 October 2015

OUGD504 Vinyl Sticker Development (Studio Brief Two)

As the requirements for this brief are two deliverables, I have decided to create some vinyl stickers to possibly put inside the Lokables tupperware box. I decided to just use the icon logo as I don't think the type for the logo will work well as a vinyl sticker, plus it will be quite difficult to vinyl cut at a smaller scale. I have, however, decided to print some of the website address. These could be part of a promotional campaign with free stickers and possibly discount codes to acquire a Lokables' lunch box.

This is the vinyl cut in the process, in which you can see my logo design. Below that is a video of the process also.

This is one of my final sticker designs stuck on one of the windows in uni. I think it's effective as it's black and therefore stands out and is easy to see against the background. It is also effective as when I was sticking it up, some people who live in the house opposite were watching me stick it up and were squinting trying to see what it was.

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