Wednesday, 7 October 2015

OUGD504 Kickstarter (Studio Brief Two)

I have been looking through kickstarter and although there are a lot of projects that interest me, I am really struggling to choose a project. I would preferably like to do a kickstarter in the UK, however I am not going to let this affect my decision in choosing a company.

I found this company below, which I think is a really nice idea. It's a Youth Project that teaches over 120 young children and families to bake. I think this would be an interesting project to get involved with and design a logo for as it's a charity that aims to help a lot of people, so it would feel good to help them back.

I also found this Brewery in Dursley that I think could be interesting to brand. I looked a bit into home brewery logos and they all seem to follow the same pattern - the logo is designed within a circle. This is definitely a possibility to design a logo for.

I then found this cake business that sells Gluten-free and dairy free cakes. I think this sounds like a great business plan and a good business to design a logo for as it could be printed on vans and the boxes that the cakes would be delivered in.

I also found this business that is a father and son trying to buy an old bread truck to turn it into a vintage ice cream van. They already have a logo, however I don't think it's very successful which is why I am considering designing them a new one.

I found this business called Something Little which would be an online website selling small gifts to send to friends and family. I think the idea isn't great as websites like this already exist, but the owner said that it has been successful on her previous website so she wants to expand and solely sell small gifts. This website already has a logo, however I think it needs a lot of work as it looks like it has been designed using Paint MS. 

Finally, I found this last project which dragged me in with the bright colours used and the slick, high quality photograph. It's a product entitled 'Lokables' which is basically a lockable tupperware box. I think it's a really great idea as in first year my flatmates were always stealing my food from the fridge or sweets that I left in the cupboards. I think this would be a really great project to create a logo for.

I have decided that I am going to design a logo for 'Lokables' as I think it looks like a promising product idea and I think the logo could use a lot of work and if it looks professional, it will be a more effective, professional, recognisable website.

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