Saturday, 10 October 2015

OUGD504 Research into Lokables (Studio Brief Two)

Lokables are dishwasher and microwave safe safe lockable food storage containers made from FDA-approved and BPA-free high impact plastic. They're the first customisable combination lock storage containers. They're versatile, reliable, fun and great way to keep your lunch and valuables safe.

Below is what people who have tested the product have said:

'To control kids' Halloween candy so they can't have a sugar feeding frenzy after trick-or-treating!'

' On a boat to keep your stuff dry - wallet, mobile, cigarettes, etc.'

'Don't want to share your make-up with your daughter, sister or a roommate? Place it in your personal beauty safe!'

'Locking up secret Christmas or Birthday gifts.'

'As storage for your valuables during travel.'

They sell four different coloured products which are pictured below:


Tiffany Breanna is the Co-Founder of Lokables LLC. She's a self-confessed foodie and lover of culture and travel. She currently works as a professional commercial broadcast actress in Los Angeles, CA. She partnered with in Los Angeles, CA to develop Lokables™., headed by Yerem Tagvoryan, provided the industrial and marketing design expertise to develop and engineer Lokables™. is staffed by a small team of industrial and graphic designers with a combined experience of over twenty years spanning cinematography, direction, photography, motion graphics, animation and industrial CAD. Additional engineering and design for manufacturing services were provided by Concepts Engineering for Plastics in Rancho, Cucamonga, CA.

Risks and challenges

We're partnering with two established U.S. companies with a collective business track record of over 150 years. With their seasoned guidance we are confident that we can tool, manufacture and fulfill all Lokables™ rewards in a timely and premium manner.
Furthermore, we have conservatively estimated our cost of goods as well as lead times in order to absorb any production or quality assurance issues that may arise. If any issues do occur we will be completely transparent and inform all backers of the precise status of the fulfillment process.

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