Wednesday, 14 October 2015

OUGD504 Relevant Logo Design Research (Studio Brief Two)

I then decided I would do some research into logo designs relevant to kitchen utensils and accessories. I know about the brand below called 'Culinary Concepts' as my mum has become quite the hoarder of all their products. I think the logo design is slick, however I don't think the icon fits too well with the typeface personally. I much prefer the typeface used and I think it would look really successful if the same sans serif typeface was used as the icon typeface.

I then went onto the John Lewis website and browsed through the products that they sell. I found the brand below called Cole & Mason. The logo design is simplistic and uses two different typefaces - a sans serif typeface and a serif typeface for the ampersand. 

Dualit is a company that specialises in kitchen appliances such as kettles and coffee machines. The logo uses a sans serif typeface with very straight cut edges at right angles. It's slick, bold and recognisable.

I know a brand called Cath Kidston who specialise in floral designs for multiple items in the household. I think the logo fits with the designs of the brand really well as it's a very feminine logo design (it's pink) and the typeface is quite playful. 

Finally, I found the brand below called bodum who specialise in kitchenware and appliances. The logo design is really successful as the typeface is very recognisable and interesting to look at as a display type. The colour scheme works really effectively as it's very bold.

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