Saturday, 24 October 2015

OUGD504 Type In Context Brief (Studio Brief Three)

Today were were briefed on our new brief entitled "Type In Context". It is based upon our summer project, which was to take photos of the alphabet in one specific place. I chose to take photos in Turkey in Kalkan. Based on this research exploring type in a specific geographic context, I have to produce a publication entitled 'Type in Context: Kalkan, Turkey". My publication will feature the images that i took and content that I wrote for my publication, that was analysing the typeface and discussing whether it was effective in context or not. I will have to print and bound my publication that I create to a high standard. The publication will be positioned as an 'art & photography' book therefore I will have to consider who my target audience is when designing my publication. The size, format and number of pages is entirely my choice.

I have already had experience within editorial design and binding, therefore this assignment will give me the opportunity to build and expand on this knowledge.

This is a four week assignment, therefore I will be expected to produce a very well developed, polished piece of graphic design. I will have to make sure that I use time constructively in order to ensure that your publication is the best it can be possibly be.

Things I have to consider:

- Research - art & photography books, grid systems, audience
- Experiments, developments, evaluate
- Type and layout
- Photo quality / editing
- Preparing your document to print
- Stock
- Print method
- Binding method
- Mock ups / experiments (evaluate)
- Finshes
- Commercial considerations vs. access to resources

- Preparing documents to be sent to print - any considerations in regards to print methods (digital or offset)
- Understanding colour / ink and related standards and systems (CMYK, Pantone, etc)
- Identifying spot colour, spot varnish, die cut, emboss, and other finishes in digital art work ready for print
- What printers will be expecting - marks, bleeds, etc.


1. A finished publication (designed, printed and bound)
2. Studio practice blogposts
3. Design boards
4. Any mock ups and experiments
5. Evaluation (500 words)

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