Saturday, 24 October 2015

OUGD504 Design Production & Evaluation (Studio Brief Two)

Design Production

For this brief, there were a lot of things that I had to take into consideration. One of those things was the colour scheme, as it would have to be printable but also fit will each colour of the Lokables tupperware boxes. I decided to stick to three colours for my packaging; green, black and white. These were the main Lokables colours, however the colour pink was also used, which I avoided as I thought it clashed with the colour green, and the colour green represents cleanliness, which is an aspect of the Lokables business plan. Also, the colour scheme I chose fit well with the target audience and demographic; young workers and mums.

I chose to print the Lokables label onto a thick newsprint, as this is a very cheap stock and gives a nice texture to the print, however I also added a laminate onto the label so that it could get wet and not spoil the print. I printed the business/discount cards on an even thicker newsprint and added the same effect to the logo side of the card. This meant that the card could be kept in wallets or purses without being crumpled. Both of these deliverables could be printed cheaply and in mass production, as I chose a very cheap method - which I think the business would need, seen as they are requiring money on Kickstarter, so aren't making money on the product yet.

The vinyl sticker would also be easy to produce and reproduce at a low price, as there can be two stickers printed in one go, which is shown below.

If locally produced, it would be useful to use Pressision Print to print all of the deliverables, as it would be cheaper to use a lithoprint machine instead of the average printer. They also have all of the facilities to recreate the print finishes I have added, but probably at a higher standard.


Overall, I think this project went really well and I think feedback from other people helped me progress within my design effectively. I found choosing a Kickstarter to design a logo for really difficult, as I wanted to really push myself as if I was successful it would potentially have the opportunity to be used in the real world. I think I chose the perfect project for myself, as I enjoy designing minimally and focusing on negative space, however the fact that I took so long to choose a Kickstarter project was quite a downfall on my behalf, as I limited the amount of time that I had to research and design a logo. I did, however, work really hard to push myself further, for example I've made three relevant deliverables for the Kickstarter, when the requirements only asked for two.

I'm really proud of my logo design as I think it fits with the brand aesthetic incredibly well as it's minimal and clean. I think overcomplicating the logo design would've been a downfall as it wouldn't fit with the brand aesthetic and therefore it wouldn't look minimal and clean. I think that it's quite good that the logo design is pretty vague (as in it doesn't feature a lock) as I don't think the consumer will need to be spoon fed as to what the product aims to solve, especially seen as the brands name is Lokables, which gives away the idea of the product anyway.

I think my packaging design is successful as it's interactive and in a way it rewards the consumer for purchasing the product. I think the fact that the logo design is part of the packaging is also successful, as it makes it memorable and easy to recognise.

I think a strength of the project was my logo design, as I think it works really effectively and I experimented a fair bit to get the design the perfect shape to match with the tupperware product. Another strength of the project was my knowledge of print, as I had a rough idea of how I wanted my packaging and business cards to be printed before designing, so I knew what I could achieve and what I couldn't.

I think a weakness of this project was my time management, as I struggled at first to choose a Kickstarter campaign which set me back quite a bit with my design work. I did, however, overcome this and managed to keep on top of the design work by working later and staying behind after university had finished to get my project complete.

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