Sunday, 4 October 2015

OUGD504 Other Design Processes (Studio Brief One)

My personal design process generally consists of one hell of a lot of coffee, multiple naps, blasting music and procrastination when I am struggling for ideas. However, it also involves research, development, reflection, analysis and most importantly planning. I find it very useful to write mulitple lists and to do lists to help my project progress.

Personally, I think that we are all quite naive in our design processes at the stage we are at in our course, so I decided to look at what other people have said about their own design processes. I found a book entitled 'Design Thinking' by Gavin Ambrose and Paul Harris. This book was really interesting and helpful to look through as it gave almost a step-to-step guide on what makes a successful development within a project. Below are the key points I found out.

Stages of Thinking;
- Define what the problem is.
- Research into background information.
- Idea generation - create potential solutions.
- Resolve solutions.
- Choose a design.
- Deliver.
- Obtain feedback.

- Identify drivers.
- Gather information.
- Target groups.
- Samples & feedback.

Idea Generation;
- Basic design directions.
- Themes of thinking.
- Inspiration and references.
- Brainstorming.
- Value.
- Inclusion.
- Sketching.
- Presenting ideas.

- Thinking in images.
- Thinking in signs.
- Appropriation.
- Humour.
- Personification.
- Visual metaphors.
- Modification.
- Thinking in words.
- Words and language.
- Typefaces.
- Thinking in shapes.
- Thinking in proportions.
- Thinking in colour.

- Developing designs.
- Types of prototypes.
- Vocabulary.

- Format.
- Materials.
- Final touches.
- Media.
- Scale.
- Series / continuity.

Inspiration and References;
Deconstructivism, Grid, Kitsch, Psychedelia, Reportage, Surrealism, Modernism, Pointillism, Postmodernism, Tessellation, Vernacular, Zeitgeist, Bauhaus, Artsand Craft Movement, Avant Garde, Collage/Montage, Constructivism, Cubism, Abstract Expressionism, Art Deco and Art Nouveau.

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