Tuesday, 27 October 2015

OUGD504 Inital Research, Village Book Store (Studio Brief Three)

All the photographs of books were taken and found at Village Book Store in the Corn Exchange in Leeds. The publication below is entitled 'Printed Matter, Inc.', which is a non-profit publication founded in 1970 by artists. It uses very bold colours in photographs to attract the readers attention. It also uses graphic arts to make the pages pop more, which can be seen in the first photograph. It's an obscure publication as the front cover is blank, and all the information is on the back - for example the name of the publication and creator.

The publication below is entitled 'Score (Scene 1/Tokyo) and was very similar to the previous as they both follow a similar grid, however they're both different sizes. This publication also had the title on the back. It uses quite contrasting, interesting images as its content.

This publication was entitled 'Paris et la Banlieue'. It also had the title and creators name on the back. This publication was particularly interesting as the back cover used a textured stock that had been printed on, which gave the effect of leather. It is also interesting as the inside of the front cover gave the effect of a hard back book, as it has an extra sheet of paper that gave it the impression of a wrap around cover.

The next publication was very interesting to look at. It used multiple different layouts and grids to portray the imagery. It was particularly interesting as the front cover was very minimal and modern, and it had a little slip of paper loose inside with information about the publication, which made it a lot more interactive.

This publication is called 'Jaunt' and was created by Lotte Reimann. It is a photography book printed on a very glossy stock. The stock is unsuccessful as it reflects the light an awful lot and makes it quite difficult to view the photographs to their full quality in artificial lighting.

This publication was called 'Toilet Fail'. The contents of the bush is basically photographs of bathrooms that are quite humourous or unsuccessful to use. The cover was successful as it was attractive to look at, however the inside was printed really poorly and on very thin stock.

This publication was called 'Shoreditch Wildlife' and documented nightlife in Shoreditch in London. Mutiple different grids were used for this publication also. It was on semi-gloss stock which was effective as it was professional, however not too distracting to look at.

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