Sunday, 4 October 2015

OUGD504 Paper Folding Workshop (Studio Brief One)

In the folding workshop today, I started by playing with paper as I thought it would be more interesting if I could create my own leaflet fold without looking online. I thought this design could possibly work on a bigger scale, however I think it would be a little too flimsy for a leaflet. I also think the stock choice I used proved this, as it was quite a thick stock and it was still very flimsy. I also didn't really like it as it popped open very easily, so for this reason I think it'd be more effective if I used a self contained fold.

I then looked at doing a concertina fold. I think this would be effective, however I would also have to use a thinner stock as it wouldn't stay shut once folded. I think this could ruin it, however, as it would become very flimsy. I think the actual fold, however, is very successful as I could show the fact that design is kind of cycle - it doesn't just end straight at development, it's a process that constantly needs to go back on and reworked.

 I then started experimenting further with folds. I think this fold is actually really successful as when opened out fully, it has a big surface area to design onto, and it folds well and is self contained. It is also good as it is similar to a book so it could have a front and back cover. Again, however, I would have to use a thinner stock as it popped open too much.

Finally, this is the last fold I have come up with and I think it is the most effective. It's good as it's kind of like a wrap around cover and works successfully like a book. It's also good as the thick stock that I have used doesn't pop open so I could use a thick stock, meaning it would be sturdy and not flimsy. I'm not too sure about the scale of it, however, I will ask people what they think about this in my group critique.

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