Tuesday, 27 October 2015

OUGD504 Canons of Page Construction (Studio Brief Three)

The Golden Ratio.

To measure the golden section of something, for example a piece of paper, you have to measure the long side first. So for example, the sheet of paper measures 29.7cm.
29.7 divided by 1.618 = 18.35 cm
you then measure the smaller side of paper and apply the same sum. This keeps happening until it is very small, and that is how you find the golden ration of a piece of paper. The golden ratio can be applied to pretty much anything, and can be applied to nature and photographs.

The golden section of 100cm:
100cm / 1.618 = 61.80cm
100cm = 61.8 + 31.2


  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Helps decipher an appropriate header size to your body copy / vice versa.
  • Can to applied successfully to web, print and pretty much everything.
  • It's asymmetrical.


  • Limits your design.
  • Subjective to viewers taste - not everyone will always think it is aesthetically pleasing.

Van De Graaf's Canon.

Van De Graaf's canon helps solve the margins of a page according to the page and spread dimensions. It helps determine where images and text should be placed.

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