Friday, 23 October 2015

OUGD504 Discount Card (Studio Brief Two)

I have decided to create a very minimal discount card to match with the style of the packaging. I will print this in the same stock as the packaging design (the stock, however, I have yet to choose). I know that I would like one side of the stock to be glossy and one side to be matte - to do this, I think that I will have to have one side laminated and the other side left to be matte. I will have to use quite a thick stock for the business card, but not necessarily for the packaging design. For this reason, I am going to ask James if printing onto a thick and thin newsprint stock will be successful. I will have to ask, as I'd rather the folds in my packaging design to be quite slick and not have the ink crack - although this may not be avoidable, I am unsure yet.

My discount card design is going to be in the exact same style as my packaging design, meaning that I will have to use a lot of greys, whites and feature some green.

This is the discount card design that I have come up with. I think it's simple and effective, and it fits really effectively with the final packaging design that I have chosen. It's quite a modern design to match with my packaging design, as all my type is aligned and there is a big focus on negative space to make my design pop and stand out from other designs - I think this will also be helped when I am printing the design.

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