Saturday, 24 October 2015

OUGD504 Printing Process (Studio Brief Two)

To print both my packaging and discount card, I have decided to use the same stock, however different gsm's so that the discount card will be thick, similar to a business card, however the packaging will be easy to fold. The stock I am going to choose is called newsprint. I've chosen this stock as I have used it before in previous projects, and the printer ink sits really well on it and almost has a gloss. I am, however, going to laminate one side of the packaging so that it has more of a shine and gloss and will therefore stand out to customers in the supermarkets, as I know for a fact that people will be a lot more interested in a product that catches the light than something matte.

These are the final discount cards that I have printed. I think they're really effective and the lamination has worked really well. It makes the discount cards a lot more interesting with the laminated side as they look professional. I'm aware that the discount cards don't really explain too much about the product - which is what I wanted, as the discount card will be printed and put inside each Lokables box, and the discount card will be for new customers only. This means that the person who originally buys the Lokables tupperware box will give the discount card to a friend, and is therefore another cheap way of advertising the product.

This is my final packaging design that I have printed. I think it works really nicely, and I have used the specific measurements that I got from the Lokables website, so that I know if I were to actually put the wrap around packaging onto a Lokables box, it would 100% fit snuggly. I think the gloss works really well for the reason I have previously explained - it catches the light nicely and it's bold to look at.

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