Tuesday, 27 October 2015

OUGD504 Initial Research, Colours May Vary (Studio Brief Three)

These publications below were all found at Colours May Vary in Leeds. This publication is called 'Drift' and mainly uses full bleed images that are contrasted with a page of text. It's interesting the way the images are contrasted with a background for the text of full colour. 

This magazine was called 'Another Escape' and was very modern and slick with its design. It is really interesting from start to finish as the grid system changes with each page, however it still flows really successfully.

This publication was called 'Bone-Shaker Magazine'. It instantly stood out because of the bright coloured front and back cover. The layout of the actual content isn't particularly my style, however it's still eye catching and designed very well as it's relevant to the content - it all flows really well.

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