Sunday, 4 October 2015

OUGD504 Design Process, Study Task One (Studio Brief One)

We were split into different groups and told to think about the design processes and which elements we thought influenced parts of the process. We made a huge brainstorm where each member of the group contributed multiple factors to which they thought influenced their own design process. We then narrowed them down and split them into 5 groups.

We began with the brief, in which we wrote that you should re-read the brief multiple times to make sure that you understand it clearly. We also said that you should highlight and identify the problem that the brief is trying to solve and make notes of ways that this could possibly be tackled. 

The next title was research, in which we said that you should tidy your environment as a tidy desk equals a tidy mind. We also said that it is key to do primary and secondary research, meaning that research is both valid from looking in books but also from word of mouth. We also said in this title that the budget should be considered.

The next was initial ideas, in which we said that we should all make mind maps, brainstorms, sketches and lists to help clear your head and focus your mind on the project. 

Development came next, in which we said that you should experiment with multiple different materials (that are relevant to the brief). At this point, ideas should also be developed physically and also on software. We said that at this point it is very useful to reflect and critique work as it might be successful to you, the designer, but possibly not to the client. 

Finally, we said that production is key. This simply means to produce your final design to a very high standard and then print it professionally. Stock choice and colour theory should also be reflected upon, and possibly experimented with and critiqued if they haven't been already. Finally the idea should be pitched or presented to the client.


This poster was then presented to the class and we also got to watch everyone elses ideas for the design process. I think one group had a really successful idea, in which they said that the design process is like a washing machine, you put all your work and effort into one place and then when you open to door something very small will fall out. They also said that the key question to ask at every single point of the design process is 'Why?' which I agree with as if there isn't a reason for designing a specific icon/logo/etc then what is the message behind it? - There isn't a point.

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