Saturday, 10 October 2015

OUGD504 Messaging Lokables (Studio Brief Two)

As part of this brief, we have been advised to contact the company and ask if we can brand or rebrand them. This will be beneficial as they could possibly give feedback and also it could result in being used, and therefore we could be getting paid, some freebies or possible work in the future. I decided I would contact Lokables in hope of a reply. My message is below. I tried to make my message really informative about myself, so I mentioned that I am a student at Leeds College of Art and I also made myself relatable to the brand, so I explained that previous flatmates used to always eat my food in the fridge. 

I got a reply the very same day from a team member at Lokables called Tiffany. She said that it sounded like a good project for me and they'd love to see what I come up with. I had already read into Lokables a little bit, so I knew that they already employ a graphic designer, however I thought I would still go ahead with designing a logo, as personally I thought it could use some work. They also said that if their Kickstarter campaign gets funded they will send me a couple of Lokables, which I think is really nice and will push me to work harder on this specific project. 

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