Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OUGD503 Secret 7, Final Design (Studio Brief One)

This is the final design that I came up with. I think it's really effective as I think the concept is clear. I think that it reminds me of waking up from a dream and not being sure what just happened, or being woken up by the fear of falling - it's quite an unclear design, which I think gives the design character and hidden meaning. 

I experimented further with the design and added some distortion to the lines to further the clarity of the concept. I think this is definitely the most successful design. I chose to do the design in black and white, as it really makes the design pop off the page, and it also adds a harsher effect on the eyes, making it look almost like an illusion that's very difficult to stare at - further symbolising the idea of not being able to sleep at night due to distractions.

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