Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OUGD503 Secret 7, Feedback (Studio Brief One)

I asked some people what they thought of the concepts and ideas, and actually everyone said that the third design is the most successful design out of them all, which I definitely agreed with. They said that the concept of the design is strong, although you can't specifically tell that it is for Max Richter - Dream 3. I don't particularly think that this is a bad thing, however, as the exhibition is called Secret 7 and it is supposed to be a mystery who designed which covers / which artist the cover designs are for.

In this little crit, I also showed people my quick sketches of ideas, and people said that they really liked the idea behind the number 7, and that I should try to experiment with this. I had already planned to experiment with this, however my idea is very risky as it involves using marble pain and just doodling from my own imagination. This will be a physical submission, as I think the final product will look a lot more successful in the flesh than scanned in. This means that I only have two attempts at getting a decent marbleing effect, as I only managed to pick up two physical submission packs from Jumbo Records and Crash Records.

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