Monday, 7 March 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Brompton Bikes - Final Building Cut-Outs (Studio Brief One)

Here are photos of the final cut out buildings. Cutting out the buildings was a very time consuming process as I had to keep taking breaks in between due to the scalpel really hurting my fingers. These breaks were never wasted, however, As I would draw one building, start cutting out and when it hurt too much I would start drawing the next building. This whole process took me quite a few days to complete, as the lighting in my flat is very bad, and therefore it was very difficult to see pencil lines. It was quite frustrating, as the clocks had yet to go forward so it was pretty much always dark when I got home from uni or work.

However, even though it took longer than expected, I am very satisfied with the final outcomes. All of the colours work really successfully together, and having a bike in the foreground of the colours really makes the intricate bike pop and stand out.

Parkinson Steps.

Leeds Beckett.

O2 Academy.

Leeds City Market.

Leeds Corn Exchange.

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