Tuesday, 1 March 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Secret 7 - Further Development (Studio Brief Three)

I then thought it would be useful to mock up some quick ideas on the computer to then ask people for some feedback. This will be helpful, as I will get an idea of which ideas people like and dislike, but obviously I will also consider my own opinions on the designs. The below two designs are based on the tired/sleeping emoji. I thought this would be an interesting response as being too connected to the internet/mobiles is a cause of sleep deprivation, and Dream 3 is a song created to help people fall asleep. In the first design, I simply used the iPhone emoji. I think it's successful, however it isn't my own work really so I wouldn't even consider submitting it. 

The next I created simply using typographic letterforms. I used the typeface Helvetica and played around with the placing of the letterforms to create an emoji face. I think the idea of this is very interesting, however to be successful it would definitely need more work - however the idea is there, so people will be able to critique it. 

This design is created using mainly straight lines and 3 slightly tilted lines. I really like this idea. The tilted lines make up the letterform 'Z' and the extra straight horizontal lines add character to the design. The idea behind this design is to show that sometimes it is quite difficult to fall asleep due to distractions. I think I have shown this successfully, as the design is quite trippy and hard to stare at for too long - similar to sleeping, if you don't feel very tired it's very difficult to keep your eyes shut for a long time because of distractions.

This design is based on the same concept, however I don't think it's as successful as the first design, as the block colours are too thick and it's not necessarily hard to stare at for a long time. It's quite a boring design, and kind of reminds me of road crossings.

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