Monday, 28 March 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Research, Existing Websites (Studio Brief Two)

Before I decide on a concept, I think it will be helpful to look into what information is already available through relevant websites. This website below is part of GreenPeace. This website is definitely the most informative website online and it's the most appealing as the information provided is concise and straight to the point. It is also useful as it is the main website that talks about the situation, the causes and the solution. The website is also appealing to a younger demographic as it uses illustrations and it is worded simply.

The next website I visited was called Help Save Bees. The website is very informative, however it is designed very poorly and is incredibly simplistic. This could be seen as successful, as it shows that the information is the main reason that the website exists and it is straight to the point, however it could be a lot more complex and still put across the same, strong message, if not stronger.

The next website I came across was a link on the website Friends of the Earth. This website wasn't too informative and the only real information it provided was a link to buy a Bee Saver Kit. This is a really great concept and I know people that have purchased this kit, however it would probably sell a lot more if there was more information about the cause, for example, this website doesn't specify where the money will go once the kit has been bought, and for £15 a kit, this is something that should definitely be explained. The colour scheme is black and yellow, which is very typical for a website about bees, however it's very contrasting and eye catching, so for that reason it works successfully.

The webpage below is called Save Our Bees and was set up specifically for that campaign. The design of the website is really abstract and nothing seems to fit right. The colour scheme doesn't fit well together at all, and the typeface used for the header isn't very legible. This website's information is very informative and interesting, however it is definitely let down by the design. It's a very old design and could definitely use a revamp.

This is the final website I looked at - there are hundreds more. Similarly to the previous, the colour scheme and overall layout is very old fashioned compared to new web design. This company is a good company, however, as it is clear that the website is against the misuse of harmful pesticides.

Although I probably won't be designing a full website as the main part of my project, however looking through the websites that are already online was very helpful, not only for information, but for colour schemes and patterns to avoid - something I have previously discussed.

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