Sunday, 27 March 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Brompton Bikes - Feedback (Studio Brief One)

Before re-filming either one of the videos, I wanted to get some opinions on both videos created so far, and if there was any way they could be improved. I am currently at home, so I can only really ask for feedback from people across different art specialisms, such as photography, illustration and textiles.

People said they thought that the first video was definitely the most successful, however they said to definitely re-film it and to focus more on the colours of the film so it doesn't lose quality when making it brighter like it did in the first attempt. They also said I should try avoiding fishing wire if I can, as in some shots it has caught the light and it's very visible.

One person said they preferred the second video because it makes it more obvious that it has all been cut using paper, however I personally still prefer the way the first video is filmed, even though it's a lot more tedious, so this is the idea I'm going to recreate.

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