Saturday, 26 March 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Research, Other Campaigns (Studio Brief Two)

It could be helpful for my own development to look into some other activist campaigns that are trying to save other animals. Save Smooshi is a campaign based in Canada, aimed at Marineland that aims to get the animals better treatment, and even better, released back into the wild. Marineland have been well known for the mistreatment of animals in Canada, which is what sparked the campaign. This particular campaign was started by an activist called Philip Demers, who is an ex Marineland employee. Demers is mainly fighting for the freedom of a walrus called Smooshi. This campaign is actually very close to my heart, and when I was younger I designed the logo, however I realise now that it is too friendly a logo to be taken too seriously and has quite a child-friendly feel. The campaign is mainly promoted through the use of social media and protests.

Blackfish is a similar campaign, which was actually the campaign that started the Save Smooshi campaign. Blackfish was originally a documentary about Seaworld's corruption and mistreatment of killer whales, however after being a huge success, many people now follow Blackfish as an activist campaign. It was a really great documentary as it really showed the contrast between what Seaworld said about their Orca's, and the truth.

WWF is an ongoing campaign for the treatment of all animals. They have a wide range of different animals that can be adopted and donated towards, and each donation goes towards the treatment of the animals and keeping the habitats of the animals intact. They are also activists for Climate change, illegal wildlife trade, poverty and the environment. They're probably the most well known animal activist website in the world.

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