Friday, 25 March 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Reflection (Studio Brief One)

Overall, I think this project went really successfully due to the fact that my design response was very well informed. A huge part of this project was research, as I wanted the concept of my design to be really strong, as the banknotes that I had researched all had very strong concepts, such as Alask Gurholt Ronse. I found the project really interesting as I got to research into the migrant crisis, which is something I didn’t know lots about at the time, and researching it has really opened up my eyes to the sheer terror that is happening in certain countries across the world. This research definitely influenced my design process, as I designed my bank note in a style I have never really experimented with - illustration. I chose this style due to the friendly appearance, however below the design, there is a strong message.

My time management of this project was actually quite poor due to the fact other modules were due to be submitted around the time. This is definitely a fault on my behalf and something I will look to improve on in the future. To do this, I will plan strict timetables in which the work has to be completed by, and also make sure that I keep up to date with my blog, as this is something I hadn’t been doing, meaning I had to go back and research specific subjects and imagery that I had already researched, ergo wasting more time.

A strength of this project was definitely the final product. I’m really happy with the final product as I think it comes across as I had planned - very friendly and inviting. I had a fear of actually doing the screen print due to the use of three different colours, meaning it could go very wrong, however I did manage to get one final, successful print. The misprints also don’t look too bad due to the playful nature of the type and imagery. 

In the next studio brief, I am definitely going to try screen printing something else, as I put it off for so long in this project and in the end I really enjoyed it and I was really impressed with the final outcome. 

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