Thursday, 3 March 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Secret 7 - Evaluation (Studio Brief One)

This is the brief that I was really excited to participate in for responsive. After taking part last year, I knew that it was lots of fun and really experimental. The actual brief is very vague, you simply have to design a 7” record sleeve design for one of the specific artists. I think the most challenging part about this project was actually choosing which musician to focus on, as this year I’m a huge fan of close to all of the artists involved. I based my choice on which artist I had the most ideas for, which I think worked in my favour as this gave me a bigger chance of choosing a design I was really proud of. 

I think a strength of this project was my idea generation, as I was very experimental and used multiple paths to come up with ideas, such as synsethesia. These experiments were all really fun to create. Another strength was my outcome for my physical design; I had the idea to create it very last minute as I had some spare time, however I believe it definitely paid off as I really enjoyed my final design. This could also be a weakness, however, as this design was very late in the making and had to be sent via post, so I had to spend extra money to make sure it arrived on time.

A weakness of this project was the fact I designed the mock up ideas in black and white. Looking back, I think some of the ideas could’ve been very successful in colour and it was an opportunity missed. 

Overall, however, I think this project went really well and I will definitely be taking part for as long as I can. It’s getting more and more difficult to get work featured, which makes the competition as a whole more challenging, however the brief is very fun to participate in and it builds up my portfolio further.

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