Thursday, 31 March 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Brompton Bikes - Evaluation (Studio Brief One)

This is a brief I discovered via an email from university. The brief required me to create a 15 second video that would be uploaded to Instagram. I had never participated in an Instagram competition before and this seemed like a really interesting competition to start with.

A strength of this project definitely has to be the sheer amount of time I put into it. The bicycle alone took my multiple weeks to complete, as it was incredibly fiddly and the rolls of paper had to be the perfect size, meaning I had to make multiple variations of each section of the bike, for example the handlebars took me 3 attempts to get to the right proportion size. I believe another strength of this project was the concept. Most of the videos I had researched into already submitted to the competition didn’t have an added concept, which I believe gave my video an edge. The concept I came up with was also portrayed very clearly in the final video outcome. 

A weakness of this project was actually nothing I could’ve helped. It was Instagram’s video formatting, which made my huge video look quite pixellated and actually stretched my video so it wasn’t as crisp. This was infuriating and I tried multiple different times to submit the video as different sizes, however nothing stopped this from happening. 

Overall, I think this project was a great success. It was insanely time consuming, however I'm really proud of the final outcome. If I were to do this project again, I would definitely do a collaboration as this project was huge and took up a lot of my spare time. However, I believe this brief will look incredible in my portfolio, as it shows off multiple different skills, such as paper cutting and video production.

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