Thursday, 10 March 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Possible Areas of Interest (Studio Brief Two)

After reading through and analysing the brief, it's clear to see that this project will have to be about something very important and close to my heart, as it will be a huge project to undertake, and therefore it will be beneficial if I am very interested in the topic I will cover. Below is some possible issues that I could focus my research and following body of work on.

Possible issues to cover:

- Homophobia
- Racism
- Transphobia
- Mental Health
- Obesity
- Education
- Occupations
- Eating Disorders
- Climate Change
- Free the nipple
- Wildlife depletion

I have bolded the two issues that I believe will be the most interesting for me to research and design for. I chose mental health because it is something that I have watched multiple people suffer with through-out my life, and it's something that definitely needs more recognition as an illness and not just pushed under the rug.

I also chose wildlife depletion, as I recently read an article that discussed the fact that bees across Europe are disappearing, which is not only bad for the species, but also for humans, as they are a huge pollinator for a lot of food that humans eat.

I am going to research both of these topics in depth and then ask for some feedback in the upcoming group critique. This will help, as hopefully I will be given some ideas/further research areas for either of the issues.

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