Thursday, 24 March 2016

OUGD505 Licence to Print Money - Distribution (Studio Brief One)

The target audience for my brief was everyone in the UK, whether the viewer is a tourist or local. However, my defined target audience was specifically tourists, immigrants and younger children, as this is the demographic that would need to know this kind of information.

I chose to keep the design very light-hearted and the colour scheme gave it a very British theme, which meant that the bank note wouldn't attract attention from racist people who would think that the notes had been changed specifically for the migrants.

The stock chosen for the banknote was mainly chosen due to the fact it was screen printed, and therefore needed to be thick enough not to become crinkled with the three layers of ink. It would've been interesting to screen print the design onto acetate, however this takes twice as long to dry and I didn't manage my time well enough for this to be achieved.

The banknote would be distributed as any other bank note - it would be printed and then used in exchange for goods. The banknote would aim to bring a bit of lightheartedness when people accidentally got the British etiquette wrong, as many Britons get very annoyed by this.

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