Thursday, 31 March 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Possible Concept Ideas (Studio Brief Two)

Leave weeds.
Instead of advertising weed killing pesticides, create a new product that would be sold, but it would actually only be water inside, therefore instead of killing the weeds, it would make them grow. This would encourage bees and other wildlife to come into the garden, which in turn will help the bees thrive.

Food stall.
Brand and create a food shop that would sell mostly products that have been produced through bees pollination. This is different than anything I have seen that is bee-related on the internet.

Bee feed.
Brand and package a new product that would be sold on the pets isle of supermarkets. Inside the bottle would be sugar water, however it would be advertised as bee feed. This is something that no one is yet to create, however it's probably handy to have around the house for when the bees are dying at the end of summer. The sugar water is said to give the bees more energy and can actually save their lives.

Smoothie Company.
This idea is similar to the food stall, however it would make the product more accessible as it could be sold in supermarkets. The ingredients in the smoothie would be 100% pollinated by bees.

Possible names: stigma, root, ocelli, sting/stinger

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