Tuesday, 15 March 2016

OUGD503 Project Report - Briefing (Studio Brief Three)


Produce a pdf project report that communicates the selection, production and evaluation of work in response to Studio Brief One & Two of this module. This report should effectively communicate the briefs you undertook, why you chose each brief and an evaluation of the success & problems with your response. You should summarise what you learnt from working on each brief, as well as how this will impact your practice as a whole.


As you have been working independently on briefs of your own choosing and won't be present at the time of assessment, the report will need to show what you have done and why.
Your report will need to draw together a range of work and present it in a way that is viewed as a whole. How will you achieve this?

What work do you put in and what work do you leave out? Your blog should contain all development etc. How will you summarise your body of work through the report? What experience, views and opinions are essential for people to understand your work and how do you present them?


A multipage PDF document, containing information relating to the selected briefs, resolved work and individual evaluation of each brief.
Your work should be supported by appropriate development files and blog entries.
A PDF of your report published via ISSUU should be posted to your blog just before your final module evaluation.

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