Friday, 18 March 2016

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Brompton Bikes - Creating the Background (Studio Brief One)

The next stage of this was to create the background and foreground. I had already cut out the buildings, however I needed to create a pavement and bike path for the bike to go along. I decided to do this, as it meant that the foreground would also be interesting to look at, but also because the pavement would give a little stand for the bike to lean up against, meaning it will hopefully be easier to film. 

Of course, these were also going to be made out of paper. i started by cutting out grass that would run along the back of the pavement. I created this under the impression that it would break up where the buildings met the pavement, and therefore cover any parts that didn't quite meet up properly (as I didn't use a ruler, I thought this would be probable). 

This is the pavement once I had stuck it down to the background. This was a very tricky process, as I had to make sure the buildings would fit in. I also didn't have any mount board big enough, so I had to use two. This made it even more difficult as the pavement had to meet up on both boards. Again, it was a very time consuming process, as I had to measure the pavement perfectly and cut it perfectly in order for all aspects to line up well. I also had to make sure the grass would fit perfectly with the size of the pavement. Overall, I think it was very successful, and surprisingly sturdy, meaning my bike would definitely lean against it propped up. 

I then created the bike path. Most bike paths in Leeds aren't marked with a specific colour like other places that I have visited, however I really wanted it to stand out as a bike path, so I took inspiration from other cities when designing this. I cut out long strips of red paper. Again, these had to be measured perfectly in order to line up with each board. I also cut out little arrows to go with it along side the pavement, showing road safety. 

Below are the final background boards once finished with the cut out buildings. They are really interesting to look at as they're colourful and engaging, and a lot of the buildings are definitely recognisable. The bright colours also really make my bike stand out as I predicted.

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