Friday, 25 March 2016

OUGD505 Product Range Distribution - Research, Bee-Related Branding (Studio Brief Two)

For this project, the chances are I will have to design a logo, as I will most likely be creating some sort of brand. Due to this, I think it will be beneficial to look at some bee-related branding that already exists as it may give me some inspiration for my own project, and it will also help me realise further if I need to avoid using specific colours / shapes like previous projects that I have looked at did. I found the branding below on the website designinspiration. This logo is really satisfying to look at and has been very well executed, as the logo design links up to make a very interesting pattern, which has been embossed into the background. The colour scheme is quite an obvious choice - black and yellow, however this has been informed and it is very striking and bold. Having had a quick look through designinspiration, it is clear that the most successful logos of bees are very simplistic and minimal - this also is successful as it will work on smaller and larger scales without losing detail - this is something I will definitely consider for my own logo design.

I also found this branding on designinspiration. This logo is designed beautifully and fits really well with the overall aesthetic of the label. The typeface Helvetica is used to give off a very modern, minimal feel to the design, showing that the most important part of the product is what's inside - the honey. It's 100% pure honey, which is represented with the pure, black and white design of the packaging. 

I found this project on Behance. It was designed by Tara Rego, a designer based in Madrid, Spain. The logo design is mainly type, except for the fullstop which is a hexagon. The branding for this project is very strong and it gives a real feel of the restaurant through the use of colours and imagery. The logo design is quite simple, being mainly typography except for the hexagon shape used for the fullstop. After previously looking through different products, it's clear that the use of the hexagon shape is something that has definitely been overused, however it seems to work for this brand.

This is the logo design for BEEloved, which was designed by Tamara Mihajlovic and Njegos Lakic Tajsic. The logo design is very informed as it is based on both the bee form and diamond lines. The logo design works very well as just the illustration, however it has been ruined by the use of the outer circle. The colour scheme is black and white, which I believe is very successful for the brand, as it doesn't deter attention from the packaging design.

The below logo was designed by Daniel Garcia, who is based in Chicago in the USA. The logo was designed for a Mexican brand who is decicated to natural beekeeping, organic honey and other honey-based products. Their approach was to create a transparent and honest design system that portrays the certified organic honey production processes that the company stand for. The logo uses simplistic, clean lines, which aim to reflect and honour the elegant touches of sophistication that the company uses. The colour scheme represents hope, general excellence, purity and therapeutic properties.

The logo design is really slick and minimal which definitely works for the brands ethics and overall aesthetic. The logo design definitely adds an element of class and sophistication to the brand, and it is very clear to see that the brand is organic and uses natural processes due to the colour scheme, and also the use of lines.

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