Thursday, 5 November 2015

OUGD503 'Made You Look' Screening (Studio Brief One)

In this session, we watched a documentary entitled 'Made You Look', which was produced in 2014. The documentary interviews a lot of graphic designers, illustrators and animators, such as Kate Moross and Anthony Burrill. We were then set a task in which we have to answer three questions, which can be seen below.

What did you like about the movie?

I found this movie really interesting as it involved a lot of graphic designers and people who really inspire me, such as Kate Moross. I also found it really interesting as I found out about a lot of designers too, such as Anthony Burrill and Screen Print London. I particularly enjoyed listening to Screen Print London talk about how their company started and their method of design, as I personally really enjoy screen printing and it's something I would like to be able to do in later life. Anthony Burrill was really inspiring as he is basically the king of letterpress, however with letterpress I used to think it meant boring, however the colours that he uses in his work are very bold and bright and really interesting. I think the process of letterpress is quite tedious, however it is worth it when the final product is ready.

What did you dislike/disagree with?

Through-out the documentary, a lot of the artists were talking about what it would be like without the internet. As a child from the technology age, I personally don't see the internet as a bad thing as it is very useful when promoting work and contacting other designers. I do really enjoy the process of analogue printing, but I don't think the internet needs to be deleted from the planet to enjoy these pleasures. If anything, I think the fact that the internet exists and computers exist just makes these analogue processes even more interesting and admirable.

What stuck in your mind?

I think in general, the main thing that stuck in my head were the designers featured in the film, as I went home and followed a lot of them on Twitter/Instagram/social media in general. I think it's healthy to follow designers on social media, as I often get distracted when working on a computer, and looking at inspiring work at least makes procrastinating a little less counterproductive, as I can now get inspiration from them.

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