Saturday, 7 November 2015

OUGD504 Stock Choice (Studio Brief Three)

I went to Fred Aldous to buy some stock as they stock a lot of GF Smith stock and I called up and found out they had just had a huge order of Colourplan stock. Below are the colours of stock that I purchased and plan to use in my publication. The stock came to £13.00 all together, which is quite expensive, so in the future I would request some stock from GF Smith for free through university. Each stock is 135gsm.

Below is the stock that I will use for my double page spreads. It is a light grey, so I think the blue will sit really effectively on it. The images won't come out glossy on this stock, so this is the reason I am going to screen print over them.

This is the stock choice that I am going to use as my inside protective cover. It will be left blank, but will contrast really effectively with the dark blue stock and match really well with the light grey.

This is the stock colour that I am going to use for my front cover. The gloss will sit really effectively on top of it and be really contrasting. 

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