Saturday, 21 November 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Leeds Christmas Print Fair - Rough Sketches (Studio Brief One)

I drew some mock up ideas for how my own geometric shapes could look. These can be seen below. Below is the first idea that I had. I originally wanted to draw all of my shapes by hand and then scan them in to neaten them up, but it was an incredibly time consuming process as I was trying to use dot work.

Originally, I started drawing the shape far too big - it would've taken me hours, however I did want a lot of detail so I only minimised the shape a little. This was just as time consuming and unsuccessful in my opinion as the dots were far too neat. For this reason, I decided to use full colour instead. I thought that this would possibly more effective when I come to add colour.

I decided to go back to creating rough shapes, just so that it would be easier to get an idea of how to translate them onto Adobe Illustrator. These can all be seen below. As the table we have at the print fair is going to be shared between three of us, we all had agreed to stick to four different styles of prints maximum. 

 My next step is to create these shapes using Illustrator / experiment with other possible shapes.

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