Saturday, 7 November 2015

OUGD504 Feeback Workshop (Studio Brief Three)

How to take advantage of informal feedback?

  • Ask a lot of questions instead of expecting people to just give you general feedback.
  • Follow up the answer to the question with another question - Why?
  • Apply the feedback to your design and then compare it to your original design.
  • Record discussions - whether this is on Facebook or in general conversation.
  • Identify trends in the feedback you receive - if more than one piece of feedback is the same, then you should experiment with this.
  • Contrast the feedback with your own opinions - if your design makes sense, make sure justify your reasoning.
  • Make sure you blog about your feedback and reflect upon it with your own opinions.
  • Consider the person giving you feedback & if they fit the target audience.

How to take advantage of formal feedback?

  • Consider how you could improve on your next module by highlighting your feedback from your previous module.
  • Analyse the learning outcomes and see where you unsuccessful/successful.
  • If you don't understand something written by the tutor, book tutorial for further feedback. Make notes in this tutorial.
  • Consider if being more adventurous within your design/production and if this and analysing this would be helpful.

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