Saturday, 7 November 2015

OUGD504 Typography Choice (Studio Brief Three)

A lot of the photos of typefaces are display typefaces, meaning they are quite obscure and couldn't be used as body copy. It would be a good idea to use a sans serif typeface, as these are minimal, slick, work really effectively as body copy and won't be too distracting or contrasting with the photographs. Below are some experiments of a couple of different typefaces.

The most successful typeface was Apercu, as it's quite a thin type (compared with Futura) and it seems to sit really well on a page. It's also the easiest typeface to typeset, which is always a bonus. Sathu, Futura and Gill Sans were very unsuccessful as it was very easy to see rivers within the body copy. Helvetica looked effective also, however it's my go-to typeface, so I decided I would mix it up in this project as I want to expand my typeface uses. 

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