Thursday, 12 November 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Leeds Christmas Print Fair - Contact (Studio Brief One)

I just got a response from Ellie Andrews saying the following:

Hi Amelia, 

Yes absolutely!

I've copied in Natalie, who is organising the art / print side of the fair. Natalie has arranged I am Collective to have a stall, but I'd say there was definitely space for your work too!
I'll leave it to you and Natalie to arrange between you.

best wishes


Before I even had a chance to email Natalie, I got a new email. This can be seen below:

Hi Amelia,

Ellie has passed on your email about getting involved with the Christmas Arts Market in Munro House and we would be delighted to let you have a space during the evening, we just need to consider how much space we have available.

Would you three be able to all share a space (you, Izzie and Florence?) and how much work do you think you will have to sell?

Also will someone be available to man the table between 4-7?

Thanks for getting in touch!


I instantly fired back an email. I couldn't answer all of the questions, as I didn't even know myself how much work we would have to sell, but we all discussed and said we could manage with one table. I replied:

Hi Natalie,

Yes one table sounds perfect! Thank you for the opportunity,


Now all of this is sorted, I can get on with creating my own self-led brief to create the prints that will be available to buy at the Christmas Fair on the 4th December.

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