Saturday, 7 November 2015

OUGD504 Duotone Images (Studio Brief Three)

After the induction that explained how to turn images into duotone, I decided to experiment with my own photographs with this specific technique. Specific duotones have been added that are relevant for each location. Each duotone is also personal to the memories that I have of the said location. The photograph below is taken from a bag shop that sells lots of new fake designer handbags and wallets. The logo colour is blue, hence the duotone of blue.

This is a photograph taken from The Olive Garden Restaurant's sign. It is a very traditionally Turkish restaurant and they only sell Turkish meals, such as Antep Ezmezi and Tavuk Shish. The duotone colour chosen for this is an olive green, as when you sit down in the restaurant, they give you a complimentary bowl full of fresh olives.

This image has been edited using the duotones Blue and orange. These colours were used, as the restaurant is right on the harbour and I have a distinct memory of the sun being very strong at this point that I visited the restaurant, as I had literally just arrived in Kalkan. 

This image is a leaflet for the cafe CafeVITA. I edited it orange, as I haven't visited the cafe myself, however the promoter that dropped the leaflet off at the villa was wearing a very distinct and memorable orange polo shirt.

Personally, I thought that this idea of turning each photograph into a different colour was a good idea, however now that all the images are edited, it looks very obscure and kind of all over the place, like they haven't been thought out (which they have). For this reason, the images will be staying as the original images while I lay out all of the text and images, as I really need to get going with the printing and print finishes, as that is one of the main aims of this project.

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