Tuesday, 17 November 2015

OUGD503 Individual Practice, Leeds Christmas Print Fair - Research (Studio Brief One)

As I visited a print fair at Munro House in first year, I decided to look at some of the prints that they sold there. I looked through my old blog and found the below images with the thoughts I had whilst visiting.

This is a photograph of one of the stalls selling prints. I thought this stall was really interesting as they were really good at up-selling - there was a small boy who questioned us which print we thought was the most important on the table, which of course was the print that portrayed the message 'never trust a Torie'.

I thought this stall was also really interesting as they weren't just selling prints, but sold little pins and badges which were really cute. The design of the prints were also really original and interesting to look at.

This stall was my favourite as it had a lot of different items for sale, including little notebooks with really cute patterns printed on the front cover. I bought one of these and it came with a little business card which I think is a really good way of getting the name of your brand out there. There were also business cards on the table to pick up so you could purchase an item later in the future.

This stall had prints for sale with little quirky illustrations on which I really loved. They were simplistic yet I think had been designed using Adobe Illustrator so were slick and neat at the same time. I also really liked the use of colour as mostly they were black and white outlines with just one block colour.

From looking at the comments I made, I think I found the stalls that had a lot of colour the most interesting, as these were the stalls that I visited first as they were very eye catching. I also think it was good the way that each table had created levels of prints, however I'm not sure how I'd achieve this as I don't own any kind of display case/shelf.

I have now decided to look online at some possible inspiration using the website http://designinspiration.net . I found the below print on there, and the source linked my to a website called http://darkshapes.com, of which I had a look through and they have a lot of colourful images and it is used basically as a Tumblr account. The actual print below is really interesting and acts as a kind of maze, as your eyes follow the negative space. The composition of the print is also really great, as the type is around the outside and it's really aesthetically pleasing. It uses geometric shapes to create patterns.

Below is a image from a magazine called The Apparatjik Graphic Magazine. I think it's absolutely beautiful. The left page shows some geometric shapes lined up beautifully and uses primary colours to really catch the eye. These are contrasted well with the right page, which is also a geometric shape that uses type.

I have now decided to look at prints that I have on my walls. I think this is a good way to do my research as the posters on my wall are things that inspire me, and as I want the prints to represent myself as a designer, I could get some ideas from them. Below is one of the prints that I have on my bedroom wall. It's designed by Supermundane, who have designed this print on the windows in Leeds train station. The geometrical shapes and colours are very inspiring and eye catching. I think that designing something along these lines would be really great. 

On the wall in my kitchen is a display of monoprints that Izzie created in first year. These monoprints also use bold colours and geometric shapes. I don't think these would be very successful at a print fair as they're quite messy, however I think that they work really well as a set.

After looking online and also on my walls, I think it's pretty obvious that I am personally drawn to geometric shapes and bright colours. I think this should definitely be a concept for my own prints. I think keeping simple within my design is more applicable as geometric shapes and bright colours are really nice to look at and work well as sets - meaning theres a chance people might buy more than one. 

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