Saturday, 7 November 2015

OUGD504 Digital Print (Studio Brief Three)

I bought all of my stock from Fred Aldous, meaning all of the sheets were A1 size. Before printing, I had to cut them all down to A3. Upon reflection, however, I should have cut them down to A4, as they would of printed the exact same, however it would've cost me half of what I paid. I paid £15 for the whole publication to be printed. The blue ink sits really effectively on the stock, and I'm really happy with how the photographs have come out. They do definitely need to be screen printed over to have a glossy effect, however, which I really want for my publication as I want the images to resemble the sea, and it will also make the publication fit with most photography publications, as from my research I found out that most photography books have glossy images. I could have printed on glossy paper, however I didn't want the gloss to be too obvious so this is the most I can do to make the images glossy.

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