Saturday, 7 November 2015

OUGD504 Possible Layout Designs & Grids (Studio Brief Three)

I've decided to create a square publication as firstly, it will mean that I can print each double page spread onto A4 paper so it will be more cost effective, and secondly, from my research there are not many square photography books and it would be nice if my book would stand out from the rest. All of the photographs from Kalkan are landscape, meaning this will need to be considered when I create a layout or use a grid that already exists. These images could be edited however, for example into square cropped images. This could look effective, as lots of social media uses square images instead of portrait/landscape, such as Instagram, Vine and profile pictures for Twitter and Facebook. This grid design is effective, however it really depends on which binding method I decide to use, as if I decided to use perfect binding, it would cut off a lot of the image in the spine. 

This layout design could be effective, however it depends on the images used, as the text could potentially chop off the important part of the photograph. It also might be unsuccessful depending on the lightness/darkness of the image, as the type may not be visible over the top. The type colour could be changed so that this could be effective, however it might not flow as effectively as it would if each text colour was the same.

This grid is created using Van De Graaff's Canon. Personally, I don't think it's effective as the place where I would put the type looks a bit off and it looks a bit squashed down. 

This is also created using Van De Graaff's Canon. This layout looks more successful, however it still looks quite cramped. The placement of the image could be moved up to make it look less cramped, however this would mean that the canon wouldn't be used. 

This is probably the most successful layout in my opinion, as the photograph would be full bleed, however it wouldn't look cramped as the body copy would be on a separate page entirely, meaning it would be easy on the eye and it would contrast really well with the imagery. This is the layout design that I am going to use for my publication.

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