Sunday, 15 November 2015

OUGD504 Final Critique (Studio Brief Three)

At this point, I was generally happy with my final outcome for my publication, however I wasn't 100% sure about the square format, so I thought it would be helpful to see what everyone else thought. I wasn't too sure if the book was successful as a square as all of the images I had originally taken were landscape, so I originally tried to create a landscape publication, however I didn't have enough content and it looked very odd.

People said that the front of the publication was successful with gloss, however there wasn't specifically any benefit to screen printing the images of the book, as it is time consuming and has a very minimal effect.

They also said that the images edited with duotone make the book flow successfully and the colours matched with the aesthetic of Kalkan. They said that the book is consistent, professional and engaging.

They said the square format works and doesn't take away from the images, it in fact adds interactivity as it makes it stand out from the other publications presented on the table.

People suggested that if I were to remake the publication, I could use a slightly thicker stock on the front cover to make the publication a little less flimsy.

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